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Carnatic Musician, Saraswathi Veena player
Voting Member at The Recording Academy/ Grammys

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An award-winning Vocalist and Veena player, Kavitha is also a passionate analyst, performer, teacher, and curator and regularly performs in the USA and India. Kavitha is equally passionate about arts and philanthropy and has actively advocated giving back through her arts initiatives. Click here to know more. She is currently a Voting member of the Recording Academy - one of the few Indian Classical musicians on the prestigious panel.

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For your Grammy® Consideration 

‘Best Global Music Album’

Throughout my journey, I have primarily graced the stages, weaving melodies that have stirred souls. Yet, the pandemic-induced stillness emphasized the importance of a digital presence and the dissemination of musical creations beyond the confines of live performances. This revelation bore fruit in the form of my latest endeavor – an album titled 'Varnams Reimaged'. This offering is a fusion of tradition and modernity, an earnest attempt to infuse Indian classical music with a contemporary twist.

The album casts a spotlight on a rare treasure – the 'Varṇam'. This compositional gem, inherent to the Carnatic music system, embodies the essence of ragas and serves as a cornerstone in the realm of learning. What makes this album particularly special is its resurrection of lesser-known Varnams, many of which have seldom, if ever, been captured in digital recordings. By merging the traditional with the new, the album encapsulates the spirit of innovation while honoring the roots of this time-honored art form.

The intention driving 'Varnams Reimaged' goes beyond the melodies – it's a call to expand the audience for this ancient art form. I believe that by fusing the past with the present, we can usher in a new era of appreciation and adoration for the rich tapestry of Indian classical music.


"Varnams Reimaged’ is a real musical treasure any passionate lover of Carnatic Music will adore and will like to preserve for future listening, and in fact over multiple repetitions. The album has also helped surface the masterly expertise of Kavitha Jayaraman in Carnatic Music, which she has put to use in resurrecting a few rare Ragas of the heritage. I feel this rare kind of mission is most likely to inspire many such endeavors in the future that will play a pivotal role in enriching the school of Carnatic Music." - NEW MUSIC ALERT
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Barathiyar's Baratha Desam Endru
Namo Namo (Acapella)
Live at Fusion Fest, Orlando Florida, USA
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