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Kavitha strongly believes music has the power to change the world, and with this vision she launched Kalaadhaanam - a non profit movement where she teaches music to raise funds for various social causes. 


Kalaadhaanam simply translates as “art donation”

Our mission is “Seva through Vidya” or “Teach to reach". Through Kalaadhaanam she raises funds for various social agencies working specifically towards improving the lives of underprivileged kids, through the medium of education. 

The students contribute every month directly to various social funding initiatives identified by Kalaadhaanam through a quarterly funding program via various crowd funding portals. 

Since its inception in 2017, Kalaadhaanam has supported 11 charities in India focused mainly on education and development of underprivileged children and has raised over USD 45,000.


Our long term goal is to have art educators around the globe join the movement and enable an ecosystem through arts education that helps fund small scale NGOs in every country.

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Kavitha is a performing Indian classical Vocalist and Instrumentalist for the past 20 years. She plays the Indian national instrument - the Veena. Kavitha's family has been deeply involved in Indian classical music for the last 4 generations. Kavitha herself has been pursuing this art form relentlessly since the age of 5.

Kavitha started vocal learning under Guru Sridevi Ram through Mulund Fine Arts Society, Mumbai and Veena training from Smt Jayashree Aravind, Mumbai. At age 10, she started advance vocal guidance from Smt Saraswathy Subramanian and Sangeetha Kala Acharya Bombay S Ramachandran. For the past decade, Sangeetha Ratna Smt. Mangalam Shankar (Vocal) and Sangeetha Vidwan Smt. Meenakshi Somasundaram (Veena) have been Kavitha's Gurus.

At a very young age, Kavitha was awarded the prestigious Cultural Talent Scholarship from the Center for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) Government of India for advanced training in Indian Classical Music. In 2009, Kavitha graduated with a Diploma in Music from Singapore Indian Fine Arts. In 2018, Kavitha was selected as a fellow in one of the world’s biggest Indian online music platforms - Indian Raga. She contributed to 15 musical productions which have over 1 million views on social media. Through this fellowship, Kavitha evolved from being a stage artist to a digital content creator and digital media manager. 


Her pursuit of learning in music continues as she currently pursues a Masters in Music Business from Berklee College of Music, USA. Kavitha has performed over a 100 concerts on some of the world's most prestigious stages including Esplanade Singapore, Music Academy, Chennai among others. In June 2023, Kavitha was selected to join the Recording Academy as a Voting member for the Grammy awards.


Kavitha has always wanted to give back to the music fraternity that has enriched her life in many ways. She used social media experience to curate and launch two channels on Facebook and Youtube. She promotes her current Vocal and Instrument teachers -  renowned musical scholars in their own right - Smt Mangalam Shankar and Smt Meenakshi Somasundaram. Her aim is to build a social media presence and promote their musical lineage to the next generation of learners who are eager to immerse into the world of Carnatic music. 

She has executed ten full-fledged virtual music festivals online featuring around 30 students and thus bringing the entire community of learners together. These channels have gained over a million impressions across social media platforms.


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